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Electric Power Optimization Centre
About EPOC
Our research uses mathematical modelling, optimization and statistical tools to comprehend modern electricity markets such as the NZEM, and to analyze and develop methods for efficient generation schemes and demand-side participation.
EPOC Summer Workshop

A special EPOC Summer Workshop was held on Tuesday, November 13, at the Engineering School at the University of Auckland, 70 Symonds Street. The talks are now available for downloading in Workshops below.

EPOC offers congratulations to co-director Golbon Zakeri who has just been promoted to Associate Professor at the University of Auckland.
EPOC Winter Workshop (Updated Programme) (pdf)

The 15th Annual EPOC Winter Workshop was held on Wednesday, September 7, at the Engineering School at the University of Auckland, 20 Symonds Street. The programme is here and talks are now available for downloading in Workshops below.
Non-invasive test scheduling of the grid over live electricity markets (pdf)

Interfaces (DOI 10.1287/inte.2016.0865)
Investment and generation optimization in electricity systems with intermittent supply (updated) (pdf)

Integrating consumption and reserve strategies for large consumers in electricity markets

Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems, 2016, 682, pp 23–30
A column generation approach for solving generation expansion planning problems with high re- newable energy penetration

Electric Power Systems Research, 136, Pages 232–241
Arbitrage-free Pricing of Contingent Claims in Incomplete Markets via Moment Problems

Living in a Carbon-based World: CO2 and its impact on the EU Power Sector (ppt)

Predictive and prescriptive analytics of grid defection

Investment Models for Electricity Systems under Uncertainty

Consultation on Transmission Pricing Methodology Second Issues Paper (pdf)

Consultation on Transmission Pricing Methodology Review TPM Options (pdf)

Electricity markets with hydro (pdf)

Talk at UFSC, Florianopolis, July 20, 2016.
Electricity markets with wind energy (pdf)

Talk to ONS, Rio de Janeiro, July 12, 2016.
EPOC Summer Workshop 2016

Talks now available for download.
EPOC Winter Workshop 2016

Talks now available for download.