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SfTI workshop on Distributed Energy Resources
This workshop is supported through the National Science Challenge Portfolio 4, Smart Services. The workshop has brought practitioners and academics across the manufacturing and electricity sector to utilize world class experience and expertise.
Programme (pdf)

Talks now available for download.

The Hidden Cost of Feed-in Tariffs for Wind Generation (pdf)

Using Distributed Energy Resources for Multiple Applications Via Capacity Rights (pdf)

Using stochastic programming to analyze demand response in European electricity markets (pdf)

What is the Matter with Residential Electricity Prices? (pdf)

The Economic Impact of Inefficient Distribution Network Pricing: Evidence from California and a Framework for a Proposed Solution (pdf)

Robust Energy Technology Policy: Finding common ground (pdf)

Risk and efficiency in hydro-dominated electricity markets (pdf)

Managing energy storage systems for flexible and efficient power systems (pdf)

Industrial demand response in a co-optimized energy and reserve electricity market (pdf)

Flexibility in the local grid: distributed generation, storage and demand response (pdf)

Risk trading in capacity equilibrium models (pdf)

Dynamic Risked Equilibria (pdf)

Sustainable Electricity Generation Portfolios (pptx)

Flow-Based Market Coupling in the European Electricity Market (pdf)