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Arbitrage-free Pricing of Contingent Claims in Incomplete Markets via Moment Problems

Living in a Carbon-based World: CO2 and its impact on the EU Power Sector (ppt)

Mixed-strategy equilibria in discriminatory divisible-good auctions (ppt)

Swapping generators' assets: market salvation or wishful thinking

Effects of Cost Forecast Bias in a Stochastic Programming Model of Bulk Energy Flows in the U.S.

STEPS: A Stochastic Top-down Electricity Price Simulator

Operations Research at International Power

Clutha Hydro-Electric River Chain Optimization

Pay-as-bid auctions and market distribution functions

Full Scale Scheduling, Pricing and Dispatch Software

Modelling at the Electricity Commission: An overview of current projects with a focus on generation expansion modelling

Towards competition benefits of line capacity expansion in electricity markets

Revenue management for electricity distributors

Electricity Auction Format: Estimation and Comparison Method

Strategic Competition Among Cascade Hydropower Generators

Risk Modeling by Stochastic Dominance in Two-Stage Stochastic Programing

Towards an optimal dispatch in the presence of wind uncertainty

Optimizing and planning of electricity