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Electric Power Optimization Centre
EPOC Winter Workshop 2012
The Electric Power Optimization Centre held its Eleventh Annual Winter Workshop on July 6, 2012 at the University of Auckland.
Supply function equilibrium, price caps, and investment (pdf)

Can market power in the electricity spot market translate into market power in the hedge market? (ppt)

Electricity market of the future with wind (pdf)

Investment under uncertainty induced by wind (pdf)

Integrated modelling of electricity and water markets: a progress report (pptx)

Using constructive dual DP to clear water markets in a multi-use catchment: an illustrative example (pptx)

CO2 charges: How can we assess the impact on electricity prices? (ppt)

Brazilian electrical energy industry overview (pdf)

Risk aversion in Brazilian long term hydrothermal scheduling (pdf)

Modelling developments at the Electricity Authority (pdf)

Scenario projection modelling for stochastic water valuation (pdf)